Tito must learn to stand up to the bullies to protect his new friend. Help us get there by the end of the day! Sections of this page. In order to accomplish this, our wardrobe and prop choices will be very important. Any donation counts – big or small!! About Film – BFA: We want to thank everyone again for all your donations and support for what we do!

Along with that, I’m also an avid guitarist and have been playing for over 10 years. With your help we can go even bigger and better! We are SO excited!! Student Film Auditions Florida. Your contributions will allow us to find a composer that elevates the emotion of our short through music.

Powered by Webs ID. BFA 98 who hosted our 4 th Film Forum at his If more people realized this, Savannah thinks it would be easier to tell her and her twin sister apart.

Let’s learn some more about Cameron Dingee and Will Harrison – How their family has supported them, and about their Film Nior that takes place in an elementary school! Sections of this page.

Let’s learn ttrailer more about Nicole Low and Brennan Brinkley! Trailee State University College of Growing up as one of the few Jamaican-Americans in her environment helped form that voice. Let’s take a look back at our most recent films – our F3’s! Support an eye-opening film like this one, along with the other films in the class by visiting: What interests me most in filmmaking is cinematography and using lighting and framing to help tell a story.


fsu bfa thesis trailer

BFA Thesis film: Register now for free! His work as a director includes narrative film, documentaries, music videos, advertisements and more.

Any donation counts – big or small!! The film follows Franny Cooke, the daughter of the recently-deceased and dearly beloved Sheriff of the town. Support their dramedy and the other films from the BFA Class by visiting:.

fsu bfa thesis trailer

We want to thank everyone again for all your donations and support for what we do! We are so excited! Support an eye-opening film like this one, along with the other films in the class by visiting:. We’re about half way to our goal with a week to go!

Fsu Film School Bfa Thesis

She is the co-writer and art director on an animated short film based on a Puerto Rican legend. We are very excited to be able to share the final products with you soon! We only have 5 days left! About Their Thesis Film Belton County is a dramedy about a series of killings that occur in a small town on the Florida panhandle. Nicole Low, a woman of few words but many talents, spends her time reciting entire movie scripts with her twin sister, taking long road trips to her homeland of Canada, and creating uniquely beautiful and thought-provoking animated films.

The richest film school in With a penchant for dry humor, he started making short films air-quotes with friends and family at the age of 10 years old, and since then has refined his love for storytelling into an actual craft can you believe it? University’s College of Motion Picture Arts have earned prestigious awards for their extraordinary creativity as film Please donate if you can to help us reach it!


There he discovers a dog-shaped rock who he makes into his friend. The people who live in this town and the sights that you would see as you walk its streets or pop into a local diner all need to share a specific feel.

With a plethora of national recognition that includes a Burt Reynolds Scholarship and documentary broadcast with South Florida PBS, Knudsen plans to use the art form of filmmaking to tell personal stories centered around the human condition that connect with audiences worldwide.

Fsu Film School Bfa Thesis

In the future, Jessica hopes to be the director of an animated show that deals with topics pertaining to race. Donating is just a click away and every dollar counts towards helping these filmmakers with their final films. Throwback to our first year of film school!

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