Community service experiences demonstrate that you are a well-rounded individual. Standard days Rush 3 days 24 hours Upload file: This is the purpose of writing a dental school personal statement for admission to Baylor School of Dentistry. We hope you found these dental school personal statement tips helpful but if you still need help writing or editing your personal statement get in touch today. There are a few examples of personal statements on various websites and blogs. Writing Dental School Personal Statements. A life experience that shaped your career goals?

We can help to write your experience, even though you do not have enough of it. You can also experience anesthesiology rotation and will be committed to lectures, trainings and seminars. At its core, an interview trail personal statement is a list of goals or qualities you intend to adhere by during interview season. In an attempt to try and stay true to your character and positive traits, as well as your goals i. Our greatest effort is directed at essay content and readability. Is there a transformative event from your past that helps explain better who you are as a person?

You are encouraged to have interests outside surgery but remember that the whole point of applying and matching to a residency program is to get surgical training. Applications should be submitted as early as possible for statemeht program starting the following September.

We will pair you with a true expert in your field who has a huge amount of experience in writing these dental school personal statements.

Dental School Personal Statements | Dental School Personal Statement

Everyone reading your personal statement already knows about the specialty. Quote Request Paper Type: The personal and academic achievements you have that make you a perfect fit for the Baylor Dental School program. We’ve had such an enthusiastic reaction to our Personal Statement editing service in Plastic Surgery, that we are offering specialty-specific personal statement editing to: The same way you may be tempted to make irrational or regrettable decisions in the financial markets, you may also be tempted to make these same decisions on the interview trail.


Applying in any surgical specialty or anesthesia is highly competitive and while we truly believe we will help you craft a better personal statement, we obviously cannot guarantee that it will lead to an interview or match. Send Your message has been successfully sent! So what should you write? Follow these tips for writing a personal statement and your statement should truly impress the reader.

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Add new comment Your name. The reason you want to become a dentist. It could be your advantage, but not a necessary one. Is there a transformative event from your past that helps explain better who you are as a person?

omfs personal statement

Once your statement is submitted, we have it back to you within 5 business days, on average. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

It can also do in jaw, mouth persona, teeth facial structures. The time you decided to become part of oral and maxillofacial surgery program, you have the chance to experience unique clinical and academic education. Do not miss this deadline! Your dental school personal statement is by far the most important part of your applications package, far more important than your DAT scores or past grades.

omfs personal statement

While having goals may seem odd for interview season, by making some tweaks it can be more than applicable. Tell us something about you.

Writing Dental School Personal Statements

Your personal statement is yours. Cover all of the areas that the dental school expects you to cover within your personal statement:. Your goals for the future. Located in Dallas, Texas, Baylor Dental School is considered the best dental school in the region for students looking for a career in dentistry. There are a number of areas that you have to cover within your dental personal statements but you also have to be able to write in a style that will engage the reader.


Persoanl is etatement you have a list of schools offering OMFS residency programs to have a guide and know what school you will choose. Bachelor Master Doctorate Number of Pages: Cover all of these points thoroughly through the use of examplesshow what you have done and are capable of doing rather than tell the reader. Things NOT to do: You have only a very limited space in which to achieve this so you really have to ensure that your opening lines are going to grab their attention and get them to understand why it is that you want to work in dentistry and why you are going to be so good.

Statejent will work through our system to help you write the very best personal statement to help you win your place. It involves about the treatment of diseases, injuries, disorders and other medical problems in maxillofacial and oral structures of face.

Was it a particular case you participated in?

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