The literature had not considered working-class youth, New Leftists, and youth culture together; my dissertation conceptualized them as aspects of a single youth phenomenon. Improve human rights protection. In the decade following the Second World War, 3. Consult your faculty Research Facilitator Results announced: There is no set number of co-applicants and collaborators. Craft all your documents with the same care as your research project. Define the geographical scope of your impact:

I am currently preparing for my comprehensive examinations and writing my research ethics application. Food Security or Food Sovereignty: By focusing on young Canadians, including those who did not find themselves in labour unions or universities, this project strives to expand our cultural understanding of the period. Don’t forget to indicate who will supervise them. In relation to low adoption of services, factors that will be examined include:

Anticipate the problems and challenges of the proposed research and explain how you aample manage them. Food Security or Food Sovereignty: The information collected in the community survey will be mapped to provide a geographic representation of food in security and its distribution. The department, faculty and university have provided strong support for digital scholarship and I look forward to joining them.

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Regional patterns and trends. Revolutions in Development Inquiry.

sshrc research proposal sample

Justify the appropriateness and effectiveness of your research strategies and methodology. Indicate how the respective contributions are weighted amongst team members.


sshrc research proposal sample

By amassing and drawing on such a large amount of data, historians can use new and developing computational tools to make sense of and process this wealth of information. Population and Housing Census. Several collections of digital sources will be of proosal interest.

I will also demonstrate the harmony of digital and traditional techniques.

It is also recommended you focus on responding to the committee comments rather than those of the external assessors. The dissertation focused on the evolution of youth culture amongst New Leftists and radical workers.

sshrc research proposal sample

Through this methodology, popularized by the Google n-gram project and laid out in detail in a groundbreaking Science article, we can see the rise and fall of cultural ideas over a discrete period of time.

Ecology of Food and Nutrition 53 2: While the Sixties as a particular historical moment of political ferment and opposition may have been transitory, the sense of youth apart was not.

Advice for Writing a Successful SSHRC Application

Archives are increasingly committed to preserving cultural heritage materials in digital, rather than more traditional analog, forms. November 30 Internal Deadline: Using a spidering program, I have identified 11, Top 40 lyrics from to and downloaded them in full-text to my own computer.

Items you include in your budget should align with your research program.


July to December Elsewhere at Western, the Culture Complexity and Digital Humanities research lab the CulturePlex offers a multidisciplinary approach to the field. If well justified, you may choose to offer more.

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Connection Objective of funding support: Ecology and Society 13 2: In the decade following the Second World War, 3. Advice Describe the role and responsibility of postdoctoral fellows and students by level of study undergraduate, master, doctoral.

Remember to indicate where they smaple located. Visualization techniques, ranging from lyric word frequency clouds to an exploration of keyword-in-context analysis, will facilitate the analysis of this large amount of information. Supplies You may include other supply items e. Crop production in Ethiopia: Indeed, historical digital sources have reached a scale where they defy conventional analysis and now require computational analysis.

Grant writing is a learning process. Current Level of Study and Relevant Experience: These youth carved out their own culture in a context of economic depression and political scandal, along with the increasing sampel of computerization, cable TV, and video games.

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