Then look at all the philosophy courses offered at the Five Colleges to see whether there are any courses that might prepare you for writing the best thesis you can. An examining committee shall consist of the advisor, a second reader, typically from within the International Relations Department, and an outside reader from either another department at Mount Holyoke College or from another institution in the Five Colleges. The copies need not be bound. Friday, April 26, Politics majors should be aware that they may do independent work in other departments and programs besides Politics.

This copy should incorporate any additional suggestions made by the student’s thesis committee. How will your demonstrate your central argument and claims? If you are creating a moving image project, the process is similar to that described above. Such an essay may provide a useful summary of the existing literature, but it does not advance our understanding of the question being explored and may, unfortunately, perpetuate a gilt-edged error. Corrected copy of honors essay must be submitted to the Library in electronic format.

If you are writing on a topic within a field in which you have never taken a class, you will have to do a substantial amount of work during the summer before your senior year.

mhc honors thesis

Thesiz prospectus should be sent theais Linda Chesky Fernandes lfernand mtholyoke. What concepts and theories will you use? April 30th — Final draft of thesis due.

The honors thesis is a true test of intellectual curiosity, originality, and critical thinking. The prospectus should be sent to Linda Chesky Fernandes lfernand mtholyoke. Once the student has completed her thesis, they will submit copies to members of their committee and schedule their thesis defense usually in late April or early May.

Ohnors this time, two copies of the paper are due in the Department office, in addition to the three copies distributed to members of the examining committee. Narrow the focus of your thesis. You will learn what it is to commit to a major project and bonors it to completion. Tuesday, January 15, This proposal must include a summary of the work they will pursue, a methodology to be followed, and a distribution of chapters for her work as well as a work schedule pages.


This should include primary and secondary sources that relate directly to the project. Arguments are not made in a vacuum but build on and add to existing theories. This does not mean that writing on such a topic is disallowed, or that doing so is impossible; rather, past attempts indicate that it typically involves more work than can feasibly be done in one year. You do so based on honrs carefully reasoned analysis of the thrsis evidence available to you. This copy should incorporate any additional suggestions made by the student’s thesis committee.

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The Registrar will notify the student of the actual degree of honors awarded. The senior thesis gives you the chance to explore an intellectual question of your own design.

By the beginning of spring semester classes, the Chair of the Politics Department must obtain the evaluation of the thesis khc and the second reader, and must then report to the Politics Department faculty the names of students mhcc independent work, on the basis of first drafts, remains eligible for honors consideration.

mhc honors thesis

However, the professor you choose may believe that another tbesis of the program is more qualified to direct your thesis, and may direct hknors to that person. This is particularly important for a senior thinking of writing an honors thesis. Students enroll for independent study for the fall semester — the honors program requires a minimum of 8 credits distributed between two semesters. Begin by clearly stating your research question and working hypothesis. Procedures Before You Begin Pursuing an honors thesis is a substantial undertaking, requiring a great deal of independent work.


Senior Thesis

A senior may take an independent course in the fall and change the course status to honors in the spring. Summer After Junior Year In the summer of your junior year i. Full proposal submitted to department Mid-January: For example, during your Sophomore and Junior years, you should look at the various courses offered—both at Mount Holyoke and in the Five Colleges—and be sure to take courses related to your intended area of honors research, well before you begin writing your thesis in your Senior year.

Few faculty members have the time to learn a new topic along with a student, much as they would like to. For example, suppose you wish to write a thesis on the ethics of eating meat but have not taken a course in ethics or have only taken a specialized course on a particular topic in ethical theory.

Or they could be diaries, memoirs, oral histories, government cables or memos, newspaper accounts, and film footage. The odds are that the topic you began with in the spring of your junior year was too broad. Pursuing honors involves engaging in a significant amount of independent research, the culmination of which is a written thesis. Look at all the classes you have taken, including those not in film studies.

See below for guidelines.

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