Academic Advisement and Sequencing. No interim suspension may last longer than fourteen 14 school days without affording the student a hearing. After the Complainant responds, Panelists ask the Complainant questions based on evidentiary materials and commentary. The course has not been credited toward another degree. Programs with shorter-semester courses six — seven weeks may have their own refund schedule that supersedes the Office of the Bursar and students should check with the program. In cases where the student is alleging that the decision or the proceedings at the hearing were arbitrary or unfair, the Dean will review the appeal. The student has the right to see the written complaint and know the identity of the complainant.

The following symbols indicating terminal grades are used. Viewing access is granted in person, and by appointment only, during regular business hours. Students may request to withdraw from any course for which they are registered and automatically receive a “W” by using the class withdrawal process in Albert. Students must complete degree requirements in effect at the time of their initial enrollment. Collaborating with other students on assignments without the express permission of the instructor. Watch Videos Through the core curriculum; a choice of specialization courses; and a graduate thesis , team-based capstone project, or virtual internship, students

The panel is allowed to ask questions at any time to find the facts of the case. Course work taken beyond five 5 years may be considered only where the course content would not have substantially changed in that time. The NYU School of Professional Studies is well known for its innovative curricula, which is taught by faculty members who are leaders and innovators in their fields.

Maintenance of matriculation counts toward the time to thesus the degree.

However, advisors can require that students produce longer theses if the research question or topic demands it. Proposed sanctions are submitted by the Panel to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs who makes the final determination.


Demonstrates exceptional mastery of all learning outcomes of the course and thorough and complete understanding of all concepts. The course was taken within the past five 5 years and the department has determined that the material is current and valid.

About Graduate Admissions

Using quotation marks to set off words not your own. Overall guidelines for this presentation can be found hereand the recommended Thesis Presentation Content Guide is here i. Diplomas of students in arrears will be held until their financial obligations to the University are fulfilled and they have been cleared by the Bursar.

Students adding courses during this time are expected to make up any work missed during the initial classes. Convening of Disciplinary Panel.

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Upon admission into a graduate program, a maximum of six 6 graduate credits earned at another accredited institution may be considered for transfer credit toward an NYU School of Professional Studies Master’s Degree. For a course to be considered for transfer credit, students must provide the department with the following information in writing:. Student Conduct Disciplinary Sanctions A. An explanation of why the student believes the course is relevant to the NYU School of Professional Studies graduate program or duplicates an existing course in the Master’s program.

Students may not make academic progress at another institution and then transfer those credits back to NYU during the term of suspension. There is also required course work from Thursday, April 14 to Thursday, May The respondent has the right to appeal the decision of the panel in any case on the grounds that the decision or the proceedings at the hearing were arbitrary or unfair or that there is compelling new or previously unavailable evidence.

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Grade appeals are handled at the school level at New York University and will not be considered at the University level. Students may only repeat a course once. To be eligible for federal financial aid, students who ngu part-time must register for a minimum of six credits during a term. For example, if the complaint involves the instructor of a course, the student should contact the instructor to attempt to resolve the issue.


Restitution – Reimbursement for damage to or misappropriation of property.

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Since the standard of good academic, creative, and scholarly work is to incorporate one’s own ideas, analysis, and synthesis along with the proper recognition of the work of others, students are expected to practice the skill of attribution in their writing. Prior to your enrollment, your employer would need to send us a letter of credit that includes your name, University ID number, course number, course title, and the amount to be paid as it pertains to each course.

nyu scps thesis

Up to two courses can be taken in Students must check their records to verify that this has occurred. About professional conferences, networking events, and capstone or thesis projects that focus on broadening your understanding of your chosen field. Be sure to consult with your advisor on a regular basis.

Thesis & Capstone Project Guidelines

The schedule is posted in a grey-outlined box located below the course learning objectives. Learn more at Bills, Payments, and Refunds. Student Grievance Csps and Procedures. No grade may be changed for any reason after a student has graduated. First Term—Equivalency in the first term is for work required for the degree that carries no credits, such as noncredit remedial course work required as a condition of admission.

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