Are you up for the challenge? Want to be a Thesis Bootcamp volunteer? It is unlikely you will be accepted twice during your candidature. Hi Ann — you canfind Peta Freestone on Twitter petafreestone — she freelances. Thesis Bootcamps do NOT involve overnight stay.

July Thesis Bootcamp 4: I began in my usual way — agonising over every word and sentence, and making sure I was meticulously referencing every sentence — and found I was getting nowhere fast. Drop and give me 20, words! What part of the university are you from? It allows students to complete a significant amount of work in a short time and removes the guilt we all feel when we are not progressing as quickly as planned in the PhD.

All in the room together: Eligibility You are an eligible Thesis boot camp recruit if you are: Skip or adapt boto novel writing stuff she talks about and you should have a good idea or what NaNo is about and how to participate in it.

Thesis Bootcamp is a rigorous three-day writing weekend, with a different program of focused activities each day.

Thesis boot camp

But, no matter how rough it may seem at the time, all the editing and fixing and correcting can come later, because you cannot edit a blank page. I can definitely relate! The information you provide will be used to decide whether or not we can offer you a place. For me, it is about learning to write in a new way.


Thesis Boot Camp is an intensive writing program.

unimelb thesis boot camp

Get on the right path to complete your degree, and prepare for a job in any field. Thesis Boot Camp is noot place and space for writing. Sometimes just articulating this gets them out of that fog and they rush back to their laptop ready to write it out. Little Chickie The Research Whisperer.

Why is this important?

One of us remembers a George Orwell quote and writes it down on a piece of paper, silently hands it to the other, so as not to distract. In the meantime, some information about the Lego blocks certainly seems called for!

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Chicago,pp. Are you up for the challenge? Maybe THIS time it will all come together.

To find out more, visit the Research Hub. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Hi Ann — you canfind Peta Freestone on Twitter petafreestone — she freelances.

I am dying to know about the lego blocks??? You can download it at http: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Most creativity involves theft.


thesis boot camp

Are you skeptical like I was? Hope to hear more…. I have been like this for years. We offer four Thesis Boot Camps a year, so watch this space for the dates that best suit you.

unimelb thesis boot camp

I needed to get this draft written to send to my supervisors before our next meeting, and I was running out of time. I love this idea, and have toyed with setting up something thrsis at my university.

Thesis Bootcamp Application Form – University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association

I have no connection with Lazette or Smashwords except that I enjoy her writings. I had often heard about the idea of writing a first draft, but have never been able to do it.

Like most student groups thrown together for a program, they begin as somewhat shy strangers, but this changes as the weekend progresses. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: How do Unimeb join?

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